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Finding the Best Mortgage Broker

One critical decision to make is whether to pursue a mortgage on your own or to get the services of a mortgage broker. Before working with a broker, make sure you do some research and take the time to talk with a few of that broker’s most recent clients.

Ask them if the costs were in line with their expectations, or any other concerns you may have. Even if you decide to get the services of a local mortgage broker, your time spent looking for other lenders will help you judge offer the broker comes up with is certainly the best deal for you.

Talk with your real estate agent

You can always ask your real estate agent for recommendations. While many brokerages have their own in-house affiliated mortgage lending businesses, good agents will still refer you to other great options they may know. Also, smart loan officers tend to take good care of the clients referred by local real estate agents.

Know your mortgages

Mortgage holders and homebuyers must decide on which home mortgage loans are going to be of interest to them.  There is a big difference in the various mortage types and your choice can make a huge difference in what you will end up spending over the duration of your home loan.

Conventional Fixed Rate Mortgage

Conventional house mortgage loans will be the most well known on the list of different types of home loans. The most popular of these includes the fixed-rate mortgage loan. For a 15 year home loan mortgage, your routine payments that are scheduled are higher and because of the shorter term, in the long run, much less interest will accrue and be paid for the loan.  That is a win in ANYBODY’S book!

Adjustable rate mortages (varying rates mortgages)

First-time homebuyers may take a risk on a varying rate mortgage as the rates can often be somewhat less. The trick behind an adjustable rate mortgage is to get into a fixed rate situation. A fixed rate gives you security in knowing that you won’t be surprised at the wrong time by a large interest rate increase.  The adjustable rate can be great to buy you some time to see if you can get a better rate in the next year or two, but in many cases, it can turn into a problem if it is never converted.

Balloon Mortgages

A Balloon Mortgage is another home mortgage strategy which includes some risk for the borrower. Balloon mortgage will help you to get right into a home loan mortgage at a lower price initially. The Balloon mortgage must be well thought out. With this particular, you can expect being in your home for a few years in which you will only be paying the monthly amortization costs (the interest). After the period, often three years, you will be required to refinance the mortgage into one of the more common varieties.  This has the benefit of lower payments up front, giving you time to improve credit a bit, come up with a stronger down payment – there really are a number of reasons to consider this type of loan.

There are more?

These are just a few of the mortgage types available today.  It can be a little difficult to determine which home loan mortgage is going to be the one for you.  In a nutshell, when contemplating what home loan mortgage is perfect for you personally, your personal budget should really be reviewed and assessed – clearly and honestly.  When it comes to “Oh, we can do without xyz and use that money for our mortgage,” you need to be honest with yourself about what you can and WILL be able to swing on a monthly basis. Then the whole issue of down payments comes into play.

Are you confused yet?  Talk to one of our mortgage brokers today and learn more about your specific options.